Founded in September, 1950, QingdaoUniversity of Science and Technology (QUST) is located in the scenic coastalcity of Qingdao known as the "Eastern Switzerland". It was formerlyknown as Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology and got its present name inMarch, 2002 with the approval of the Education Ministry of China. QUST, a key universityof Shandong Province, is a multi-disciplinary university which focuses onengineering, coordinately develops with science, engineering, art, economic,management, medicine and law, and distinguishes itself by material science,chemical engineering, applied chemistry, mechanical engineering, automation andinformation technology and computer science.

QUST has three campuses, Sifang Campus(370,000 sq. m., in Sifang District), Laoshan Campus (1,335,000 sq. m., in OldStone Man National Tourist Resort) and Gaomi Campus (in the city of Gaomi,Shandong Province). There are over 2,000 faculty members, 810 of whom holdprofessorship; and 30,000 students, about 3000 of them being postgraduates orPhD students.

The University has 19 colleges and 5postdoctoral research stations offering 22 PhD, 95 master and 72 bachelordegree programs. It plays a key role in such fields as Material Science,Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Informationand Controlling Engineering in China. QUST develops rapidly in cooperation andexchange with foreign institutions. It has established cooperation relationswith 100 universities of 19 countries and regions and a number of well-knowninternational companies such as LANXESS and ALPS.

QUST was authorized as a ChineseGovernment Scholarship university by the Education Ministry of China and as aShandong Government Scholarship university by Shandong Provincial Government in2011 (Please refer to "Scholarships" for more information). We welcomeinternational students to study with us and experience the university's cultureand spirit.


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